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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Quicken 2000 and Windows 7

C: "Oh, there is one more thing I want transferred."
K: "Sure what is it?"
C: "My Quicken 2000."
K: "Oh, Let me try."

I then said to myself, remember when we tried to install Quicken on Vista, how long it took to find work a rounds, and even then it did not always work.

I pop in the disk, and I get the W7 warning that it may not be compatible. I say so what lets try anyways.

I click install and it starts to install, and behold it finishes too. I select restore from backup and bingo it is working as it should.

WOW, something written in 1999 worked in 7 natively. NICE.


QuickBooks and Windows 7

Yesterday as I was setting up a customers new Windows 7 Professional Systems the client informs me that he has 3 years of QB's to install. 2007, 2008 and 2009. I put on my confident face and said sure no problem, but the truth was I was unsure if 2007 would work correctly.

It took some effort to find all of the disks and licenses etc, but once we started it went fairly well. The key was to do a new backup up each onto my thumb drive first. When I tried to transfer the data it we nearly impossible.

After a couple of hours and many software updates, all three years worked perfectly.

It was a a relief and the client was happy. QB 2007 Pro was nothing but headaches on Vista but it looks like MS may have gotten more then a few things right in 7.